A  Few Minutes Investment for Maintaining Your Spa Can Ensure Its Longevity

While you enjoy your spa, do you think about its maintenance? Of course, you do. But how many of you are aware of the weekly maintenance of your hot tub? Well, it is not a rocket science. But is required to protect your spa pump and each and every unit of the spa. However, the filtering and the water level also affects your spa maintenance requirement.

You will surely be benefited from this blog if you intend to enhance your knowledge on spa maintenance. Initial tricks before the hot tub maintenance: Are you thinking what can be the tricks? Or are you thinking, well I already know it. So to begin with, be sure to wipe off any leftover soap with either a wet cloth or wet paper towels.

Investment for Maintaining

This is done to prevent the water in your tub foaming up post it is filled. The foam is actually detrimental for your spa pump and can be a real trouble if the foam upsurges too high. Are you worried now? You do not have to be.

What you can do is use a large amount of foam reducer on a consistent basis. You need to be sure whether you are maintaining the water level to the water level line. In case, if you fill the tub too low, the spa pump can extricate as a safety measure.

This can make the spa stop heating and circulating immediately and also may appear to be broken. On the contrary, if you fill the water level too high, the spa system may unlock to prevent overheating. Although the hot tub removes the excess through its exit point. Hence, checking the hot tub water level on a regular interval should be a part of your spa maintenance routine.

Initial stage of hot tub maintenance: If you are carrying out the hot tub cleaning process for the first time, there are a few additional steps .The spa chemicals can be tossed into the hot tub water while the tub is circulating. Do you want to know about the chemicals? Here it goes…Bromine: Six tablets of bromine to your hot tub filter compartment will keep your hot tub water crystal clear.

However, do use bromine floater as it helps you to determine the amount of bromine to be released at a time. It is better to set the bromine floater wide open initially. Gradually you can reduce its aperture. Calcium hardness increase: Eight tablespoons of calcium hardness Increases will protect your hot tub equipment and hot tub pump from deterioration.

This is done by enhancing the hardness of water. Granular bromine: Two tablespoons of granular bromine in your spa water can maintain the hygiene level of your tub. This chemical enables you to use the hot tub shortly after its maintenance. You do not have to think twice whether you should sit in the unsafe water. Shock: Does unpleasant odors in your hot tub bothers you? If yes, no need to be worried anymore. Just two tablespoons of shock play a dual role.

Firstly, it tarnishes the organisms killed by the bromine. This helps in removing any nasty odor from your hot tub. Secondly, shock activates the spa chemicals and make them more potent. Stain and scale: Your hot tub pump and equipment remains safe by adding two tablespoons of stain and scale to your spa water. However, you need to test the quality of the spa water with the help of a hot tub tester strip. Your Bi-weekly and Tri-weekly hot tub maintenance: As it has been said earlier that is essential to test the hot tub water with strips.

The color patches of the water will exactly tell you whether the spa chemicals should be incorporated into your spa maintenance routine. Base on that you can add the following: Bromine: bromine tablets can be added to your bromine filter.

If you think the bromine level has increased you can lessen the size of the aperture on the floater and the vice versa.PH up and down: according to the testing strip you can add one to two tablespoons of Alkalinity Increaser in order to increase the PH level in your tub water.

On the other hand, PH Decrease can be used to get back the water Alkalinity if the strip test says Soto ensure a healthy spa experience, you should basically take care of each and every part of your hot tub. Emily Smith is a freelance blogger.

She has been contributing useful articles on how winterizes your spa for her readers. She takes inspirations from the polar spa store while shopping around for spas accessories and home fittings. In her recent articles on hot tub filters she shares some useful information regarding how to maintain your hot tub.

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