The Quickest Way of Getting a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit

Canada is a beautiful and amazing country with lots to offer, and at one point in your life, you might need to enter the country either to visit someone, work, health reasons, or study. However, one thing you should be aware of when entering Canada is that due to the country’s immigration regulations, a past criminal conviction can render you inadmissible to enter the country, something that has left many people wishing to visit Canada dismayed. In the past, people with minor convictions, for example, shoplifting, possession of marijuana, assault, possession of controlled substances, and driving under influence (DUI) have been denied entry into Canada, even when some of the offences were committed years ago. That being said, it is still possible to overcome inadmissibility into Canada, even with a past criminal conviction One of the ways of doing this is by applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which grants you temporary Canada entry.

What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

A Temporary Resident Permit is a document issued by Canadian Immigration authorities, which grants temporary Canadian entry to foreign nationals who are inadmissible to enter Canada ( The TRP is issued for a certain period of time, which can range from a few months up to three years, and it is possible to extend the period of the permit while in Canada. During this period, the holder of the permit is allowed temporary entry and stay in Canada for specific reasons such as work, visitation of family, or studying. The permit is thus useful for people entering Canada as foreign students, foreign workers, or visitors on important occasions. It is also used by athletes and artists wishing to urgently enter Canada for various events.

Who needs a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit?

A Canadian TRP is issued to anyone who is considered inadmissible to enter Canada under the country’s immigration regulations, but who, for certain reasons requires to enter Canada. This includes:

1. People with a past criminal conviction requiring to enter Canada for work, visitation, or studying

2. Family members (spouses or dependent children) who are travelling together with a person who is inadmissible to enter Canada (

3. People whose initial TRP has expired, and thus need to renew it to continue staying in the country.

How to apply for Canadian TRP?

The Canadian Temporary Resident Permit is applied in advance at the Canadia Visa Office, or during the time of entry into the country at the Canadia border. When applying at the visa office, the application takes some time to be reviewed, and thus this option is used by people planning a temporary Canada entry in advance. The point of entry application on the other hand is instant, and it is useful for people wishing to gain faster entry into the country, or those who find that they are admissible at the time of entry.

During both application processes, you are required to complete the application form and present a valid argument (in writing) to the applications officer that you:

1. Have a valid and compelling reason to be granted entry into Canada

2. Your reasons for entering Canada outweighs the potential risks to the Canadian society and citizens

When you are applying for a Temporary Resident Permit, the above criteria can be met by:

1. Clearly and persuasively providing the officer reviewing your application with a your reason for entering the country, for example, work, studying, participating in a sports or cultural event, taking part in an important business meeting, etc.

2. Providing supporting documents and proof that you do not pose danger to Canada. This can be done by providing good character references from employers and other notable, and providing proof of lack of recent criminal activity.

Factors that can affect your eligibility for TRP

After you have completed your application, an officer will review your application and after taking into account various factors, decide at their own discretion whether you are eligible for TRP. When reviewing the application, various factors are considered, which include (

1. The reason you are inadmissible into Canada

One of the main factors that affect the eligibility of a Temporary Resident Permit is the reason why you were initially denied entry into the country. The officer reviewing your application will consider this reason, so as to determine if you pose any danger to Canada once you are granted entry and then decide on the application. For example, if past conviction was the reason for being denied entry, the officer will take into consideration the number of offences committed (in case of more than one), the severity of the offence, and when it was committed. Depending on these factors, your application will then be approved or rejected (fewer minor offences that were committed a long time ago will result in better chances of being granted the permit.

2. The reason for seeking entry into Canada

The next most important factor considered when reviewing your TRP application is the reason you are seeking entry into the country. The officer reviewing your application will consider the reason given for seeking entrance into the country, and decide if it is compelling enough. Some of the most compelling reasons include:

a) Work reasons or business reasons – for example, if you are going to work in Canada or if you are participating in an important business event

b) For study purposes – it includes participation in scientific researches

c) Compassionate reasons – when visiting immediate family members or when attending important family events like birth, marriage, funeral.

Tips on how you can fast-track TRP application

Applying for a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit is a long and complex process, and to make matters worse, there is no guarantee that the permit will be issued. However, there are few ways to speed up the process and ensure that the chances of your approval being accepted are high. These include:

1. Hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer

When seeking temporary Canadian entry, it is possible to apply the TRP on your own. However, since the application is a legal procedure that involves a number of complex steps, including creating a persuasive reason for entering the country and proving that you are not a threat to the Canadian public, it is advised to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to assist you with the application ( The lawyer will help you craft a good application, ensure that all the application criteria are met, and help you to prepare for the review in case an interview is required. In addition, he/she will advice you on strategies to speed up the application process, as well as ways on how you can increase the chances of being approved.

2. Applying the TRP at the border

In addition to hiring a lawyer to assist you with the application, you can also fast-track the application process by applying for the permit at the point of entry. Unlike the visa office application that can take up to a number of months to be approved, the point of entry procedure is reviewed instantly. However, you should be cautious as there is still a chance that the application can be declined, thus forcing you to return home. However, with support of various documents and the assistance of a good lawyer, you can be able to increase the chances of approval.


Having a past criminal record or being deemed inadmissible for other reasons such as security concerns, health reasons, or other valid reasons can be frustrating when you are seeking entry into Canada. However, with the use of the Canadian Temporary Resident Permit, you can be able to gain entry for a certain period of time, allowing you to fulfill the reason for visiting the country. This is of great benefit for people seeking to enter Canada to visit their family, for work or business reasons, or for academic reasons.

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